John Lehrian

Visual and User Experience Designer

I’m a visual and user experience designer and fierce client advocate who loves to transform challenges into better experiences. I take great pride in crafting creative solutions that help improve your customers’ interactions and relationships by optimizing the end-to-end customer experience. I simply love to make experiences that look great and delight customers.

Passionate about creating a better tomorrow.

Visual and User Experience Designer

Formerly @ BNY Mellon Pershing

Pershing's NetXInvestor

At BNY Mellon’s Pershing, I was responsible for designing the retail-facing digital platform a technology platform that benefited 3.8 million investors across more than 980 diverse Broker Dealers and Investment Advisors. Responsible for the information architecture, visual design and branding of over a hundred and thirty branded instances of the platform ranging from regional banks and advisors to large worldwide financial institutions. This platform is adaptive to mobile devices and has ADA compliance certification allowing investors with disabilities to browse with assistance screen readers.

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Pershing's NetXInvestor Account Opening

I redesigned the complex and highly regulated account opening process by first researching the existing process and learning the regulatory limitations and created a couple journey maps outlining the process and user pain points.

I did some ideation working up some sketches categorizing the information into an architecture that made sense to the users. I then put together wireframes outlining the responsive, small, medium and large, views. Testing them with users and investment professionals, I iterated through a number of versions until I had a very straightforward design.

Drawing on the existing styling templates I then created pixel perfect Photoshop renderings of the screens and presented the proposed account opening process to senior management and integrated it into and existing branded platform with minimal changes to the 150 existing white labeled branded instances of the platform.

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Pershing's NetXInvestor Trading

I redesigned the trading section for NetXInvestor by first learning the users pain points in the current experience, and doing some competitive research.

I started by doing some sketches to organize the fields that were only absolutely needed and removed any unneeded noise. I outlined responsive, small, medium and large, views and started building screen flows for each trading type and created consistent experiences were ever possible. I pushed the development team to create efficient type ahead technology of all eligible securities and mutual funds, establishing one of the industries quickest online trading screen designs.

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Pershing's NetXInvestor Digital Advice

I convinced senior management at Pershing that all the pieces needed for a Digital Advice experience already existed in the company they just needed to be digitized. I worked with business leaders and service developers to create a versatile customizable solution that could be applied to any of the 1,300+ Advisory Firms and Brokers Dealers. One of it's customizable features is a database driven questionaire that can be altered by firm.

The advisory folks were skeptical and felt we were automating their positions. After showing how their talent for creating performance would be evident in the investment modeling tool they were convinced to help and adapt the concept.

The Digital Advice solution won company accolades, attracted new business and sealed the deal bringing on one of Pershing's major clients. This product was very innovative for a bank such as Pershing and showed their clients and financial community their commitment to innovation.

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Pershing's NetXInvestor Conceptual Designs

Here are a few of the conceptual ideas I created for a possible platform redesign. There were others focusing on goal oriented investing that were not able to be shared.

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Visual and User Experience Designer



Designed corporate identity and defining the style guide. Designed the application architecture, wireframes for large, medium and small form factors.

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